Headquartered in Tianhe, Guangzhou, Huigu Pharmaceutical Group is a group company integrating research, industry and trade. It has jurisdiction over Hainan Huigu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Guangdong Ketai Dingrun Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., etc. Hainan Huigu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city of Haikou. It has domestic first-class fully automatic production lines for tablets, granules and sustained and controlled release preparations. It is a high-tech enterprise with 7 invention patents and Enterprise tax credit rating is " A-level".

【Corporate Vision】: To be a high-end formulation R&D and production platform in China

【Enterprise Mission】: Escorting for human life and health

【Service Concept】: Professional practice, pursuit of excellence

[Product brand]: Jukesheng, started in 2008, covers more than 2000 hospitals nationwide; Plint, started in 2016, is Jukesheng's sister brand; both products are included in the National Evidence-Based Medicine Authoritative Evidence "Clinical Pathway" and "Chinese Children's Drug Clinical Application Guidelines". Currently, we are developing internationally advanced Controlled-Release preparations for pediatric neurology, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, etc., which will be launched one after another in recent years.

[R&D Team]: Our company is composed of high-tech talents from world-renowned pharmaceutical companies and experienced domestic pharmaceutical talents, with practical experience in the development and commercial mass production of Controlled-Release generic drugs.

  • Brand establishment14years
  • Patent7items
  • Covering more than2000hospitals nationwide
  • To be a high-end formulation R&D and production platform in China

  • Escorting human life and health

  • Professional practice, pursuit of excellence

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